From the time your child is born, you do everything you possibly can to keep that child safe.
I want to know why the government, the railroad, the City of Walton
– why they didn’t do what they needed to do to keep my daughter safe.
- Cindy Male, Christy’s mother

In the days and months following their daughter’s death at an unprotected railroad crossing, Greg and Cindy Male were haunted by questions about Christy’s accident. Why were there no gates and lights at this crossing? Why were work crews out days after the accident clearing overgrown brush, adding signs, and painting crossing marks on the pavement? Did Christy see the train that hit her? Why were residents who lived near the crossing where she was killed told that gates and lights would never go in, no matter how many people died at this crossing?

CROSSINGS is an intimate portrait of Greg and Cindy Male’s search for answers surrounding the death of their daughter. Filmed over the course of five years, CROSSINGS documents the Males’ fight to make certain that Christy’s death will not be forgotten – so that others will not die in vain.

Copyright © 2008 Crossings LLC
a film by emily jansen and cynthia childs